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For the last 30 years the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) has been offering the gold-standard in coach training and leadership development for individuals and organizations. Now we are creating a new language of leadership. Let's do this together. 

Co-Active Leadership Program

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Co-Active Leadership Program

The Co-Active Leadership Program is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It invites you on what will be one of the most formative journeys of your life, challenging your perceptions about yourself, your world and the contribution you’re here to make. 

Explore your real strengths and impact, rethink long-held assumptions and limitations, and fully integrate leadership into your own life. You’ll emerge from the program with newfound direction and clarity, knowing and believing in your power to make change happen, wherever it’s needed.

In this program you’ll be stretched, challenged, and, yes, sometimes uncomfortable, but it’s in these moments that you’ll get the deepest learning. It will forever change your experience of life, leadership and the relationships you have at every level. 

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Duration: 10-Month Program consisting of four residential retreats and intervening calls and assignments

ICF Training Hours: 182.0

Price $19,800

About the Program 

The Co-Active Leadership Program is one of our most transformational Co-Active experiences. It’s been helping people uncover their power and their purpose for more than 20 years. 

The program immerses you in a series of powerful experiences, alongside a group of other growth-oriented individuals. Over a 10-month period, you’ll attend 4 residential retreats with your intact group, building lifelong bonds. The deep connections that form from the richness of this shared experience sustain you during the program and beyond. You’ll learn together, grow together, and witness each other evolving. 

An important aspect of the program is its emphasis on leading with your full identity. You’ll explore the power dynamics inherent in leadership and examine them in the context of your own identity and lived experience. The program is rooted in your reality, but also acknowledges the realities of others. It teaches you how to navigate and include difference through connection, rather than separation.

Throughout the program you’ll be inspired to go deeper than you have before by participating in adventure-based activities, spirited dialogue, vulnerable moments, interactive exercises and challenges that push you out of your comfort zone and into your discovery zone. 

You’ll be connected in between residential retreats by regular calls and assignments, supported by your group to apply and practice your developing skills. Prepare to commit fully to each experience in an environment that encourages you to test your limits. 

A whole way of being and doing in the world shifted, and it was just the beginning. Co-Active Leadership is one of those programs that you never stop living or experiencing the integration of it. The human I am now vastly differs from the human I was in the program. This program is an invitation into a completely different life.

Phillip Cave

Business Agility Consultant and Founder of DearHuman.LIFE

Who Is the Program for? 

If you're asking yourself this question, this program is for you. The Leadership Program thrives when it is filled with curious learners ready to expand their definition of what's possible in their lives and the world. It’s a life-changing growth opportunity for anyone who wants to connect with themselves, their purpose, and others at a deeper level. Prior Leadership Program attendees have included individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds: from coaches to consultants, executives to managers, entrepreneurs to engineers, and many others. 

For many, the Leadership Program has inspired a mission that has led them to create a company or a movement, or to lean into a cause that’s dear to them. What the program does is help people set a direction and give them the confidence to follow it. 

Learn about some of our Leadership Program alumni and the missions they brought into the world.

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What you’ll discover

Integrate Your Leadership and Your Deeper Self

You’ll find and integrate facets of yourself you may never have acknowledged, uncovering the truths at your core to guide your leadership.

Hone Leadership Competencies and Instincts

You’ll build new leadership competencies based on your natural strengths and learn to rely on your instincts in challenging and complex environments.

Identify What Contribution You’re Here to Make

You’ll learn more about your purpose and identify your “leadership quest” to bring more of your purpose into the world.

Explore Your Impact on Others and Your World

You’ll become aware of your impact, both intended and unintended, and learn how to create more of the impact you want to have in all aspects of your life.

Challenge Your Self-Perceived Limitations and What Lies Beyond

You’ll challenge long-held assumptions about your limitations and begin to see opportunities in new places, stepping into a future where you know yourself and how to make clear choices in your world.

Find Your Confidence and Self-Authority

You’ll become more confident in your natural leadership abilities and find the courage to speak your voice wherever it needs to be heard, trusting in yourself and your instincts with newfound self-authority.

Uncover New Pathways and Perspectives

You’ll learn how to approach things differently, creating new neural pathways and opening up new perspectives that change the way you view and interact with your world.

Make Lifelong Friends and Allies

You’ll create meaningful connections with an international community of leaders that will enrich and sustain you on your ongoing leadership journey.

Almost 20 years on, I still regularly think of my experiences and learning at the Leadership Program. It has given me a whole new awareness of myself and my impact on others and in the world. What I learned at the Leadership Program has served me as a reliable guide over time.  The three main points that I keep on coming back to are that it has allowed me to trust myself, understand that my way of being is more important than my to-do list and gifted me some friends for life.

Tina De Meeus

I declared my leadership quest about changing the healthcare experience for employees and doctors. Within a couple of years I became the Director of Leadership Development at a large heath authority and am working towards that vision. My personal leadership has evolved and I have brought the program’s  knowledge and tools into my everyday.

Michelle Penney

I have changed. I mean, really changed. More feeling, less rational. More purpose and focus, less business and KPIs. I was a technology nerd with a co-owner’s management position. I have transformed into a leader and taken much more of my personality into work, but also life in general.

Rik Dubbink

There isn’t a day that I am not aware of my leadership skills, the infinite value and responsibility of the impact I have on the situations and people in my life, and also the ability to stay in challenging situations. There are so many things that I can attribute to the Leadership Program teachings and learnings. Truly one of the best experiences in my life.

Helga Grout


Our retreat venues are hand-selected to give our Leadership Program participants an environment most conducive to their learning. With an emphasis on remote and natural settings with plenty of outdoor space, the retreats provide the opportunity for learners to be inspired, be challenged, and fully connect with themselves and their cohorts. 

Asheville North Carolina USA Image Sonoma North America West Coast image Marshall West Coast USA image Marshall West Coast USA image

2023-2024 Program Calendar

Location Retreat 1 Retreat 2 Retreat 3 Retreat 4
Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain Aug 20-25, 2023 Nov 12-17, 2023 Feb 5-9, 2024 Apr 15-19, 2024
Marshall, California Sept 19-24, 2023 Dec 5-10, 2023 Mar 13-17, 2024 Jun 5-9, 2024
Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain Oct 29-Nov 3, 2023 Jan 14-19, 2024 Apr 8-12, 2024 Jul 8-12, 2024
Asheville, North Carolina Nov 14-19, 2023 Feb 6-11, 2024 May 8-12, 2024 Jul 24-28, 2024
Sonoma, California Nov 28-Dec 3, 2023 Feb 20-25, 2024 May 29-Jun 2, 2024 Aug 28-Sep 1, 2024

2024-2025 Program Calendar

Location Retreat 1 Retreat 2 Retreat 3 Retreat 4
Sonoma, California Feb 6-11, 2024 Apr 30-May 5, 2024 Aug 21-25, 2024 Oct 30-Nov 3, 2024
Sant Pere de Rives, Spain Mar 17-22, 2024 Jun 23-28, 2024 Sept 16-20- 2024 Dec 2-6, 2024
Asheville, North Carolina May 14-19, 2024 Aug 13-18, 2024 Nov 13-17, 2024 Feb 19-23, 2025
Sonoma, California Jun 11-16, 2024  Aug 27-Sep 1, 2024 Dec 4-8, 2024  Feb 26-Mar 2, 2025
Sant Pere de Rives, Spain June 30-Jul 5, 2024 Oct 6-11, 2024 Jan 13-17, 2025  Mar 24-28, 2025 
Sonoma, California Aug 20-25, 2024  Nov 19-24, 2024 Feb 19-23, 2025 May 14-18, 2025 
Sant Pere de Rives, Spain
Aug 25-30, 2024 Nov 17-22, 2024  Feb 24-28, 2025  May 5-9, 2025 
Sonoma, California Oct 29-Nov 3, 2024 Jan 28-Feb 2, 2025  May 7-11, 2025  Aug 6-10, 2025
Asheville, North Carolina Nov 5-10, 2024 Jan 28-Feb 2, 2025  Apr 30-May 4, 2025  Jul 16-20, 2025 
Sant Pere de Rives, Spain Nov 10-15, 2024 Feb 9-14, 2025  May 12-16, 2025  Jul 28-Aug 1, 2025 


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